Besides carpentry I’m skilled in other trade areas such as plastering, tiling and general renovations- so don’t hold back on asking me about any job. I’m a qualified and licenced carpenter- which means I can do structural changes in your home and I can legally undertake your carpentry project even if it's in the tens of thousands of dollars, such as; decks, patios and carports. I do general renovations as well, examples include; building walls and doorways, plastering, tiling, bathroom renovations, cabinetry, retaining walls, etc, will also do home repair. The carpentry scope of work allows me to do certain types of house extensions- so ask me what's included.

Here are example projects, to see more visit my Facebook page!

I do all types of Renovations
Because I'm good at plastering and I do structual carpentry, its best to have me to remove and build walls in your home rather than hire multiple trades
Some projects...

I'm a Qualified carpenter. Stud walls, any outdoor strucutre, cabinetry, doors and windows. I have cordless nail guns so I can whip up carpentry projects fairly quickly.


In this photo I'm putting up a blacksplash. I can also repair cracked tiles, if you have spare tiles- this will be easy.

I build decks to any value

I build decks to any value, I build them beyond whats standard so the deck will last

I build carports to any value

I build carports to any value, flat roof or pitched, single or double

General repairs

General repairs, this could be anything under the sun; replace decking, holes in walls, repointing, wood rot, fixing windows & doors, replace t&g floorboards, leaking gutters, leaking roofs etc etc.

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